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“Love is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”
C.S. Lewis

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Invisible God, Invisible Church
Role Call:

by Peter Toon

God as the LORD is invisible to our eyes, but is the Church as really Church also INVISIBLE? If the answer is in the affirmative then life in the supermarket of religions in the USA may be tolerable! Let us begin with a contrast between “theoretical doctrine” and the “practical reality.”

The Lord Jesus Christ taught that there is one Church – “upon this rock I will build my Church”; his apostles taught that there is one Church and they identified this Church through the use of various metaphors or models – e.g., the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ and the royal Priesthood; and the ecumenical Creed declares in summary of the biblical teaching that there is “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.”

However, what the eyes see in the USA is not one Church, not even one Anglican, one Lutheran, one Presbyterian, one Baptist, or one Orthodox Church. They behold a vast array of denominations, which are distinguished from each other... Continue Reading

Posted by Rev. Dr. Peter Toon - 9/18/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

Imbibe Magazine
Role Call:

IMBIBE: Liquid Cultureby Jamey Bennett

My new favorite magazine is imbibe: liquid culture. An entire magazine devoted to all things flavorful and drinkable, imbibe revels in coffee roasting, coffee tasting, coffee drinking; wine making, wine tasting, wine drinking; mead making, mead tasting, mead drinking; beer making, beer tasting, beer drinking. Oh, and did I mention that it revels in pairing food with aforementioned beverages? And did I mention it is on the cutting edge of enjoyable and insightful ways to enjoy and/or make these beverages? Nothing delicious is off-limits. Sangria, cocktails, and even punch all find their way into imbibe. Welcome to the good life. If you enjoy a good beverage (with or without alcohol), and aren't just addicted to mass consumption soda pop, you'll love imbibe. Cheers! Visit imbibe online.

Posted by Jamey W. Bennett - 9/15/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

The Beauty of Bliss
Role Call:

by Monte Wilson

Have you ever seen something that is so beautiful that you were stunned to the point of causing your heart to stop, your head to swim? I wonder if all of creation, if we would really see it, would do this to us…that if we opened our eyes to the revelation of God shining through it all, radiating within and without it all, shimmering, glowing, glorying, I think the bliss would just whisk us away into heaven without us even being aware that we had died!

God is Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Yet, how many Christians--how many churches--reflect this—especially Beauty? All too often we are the anti-beauty crowd or the kitschy crowd. I love Garrison Keillor’s quip: If (in the 16th century) the Protestants “won,” how come the Roman Catholics got all the great art and we got stuck with only Durer’s Praying Hands?

Beauty of creation, beauty of the created, beauty of the human soul, beauty of love, beauty of Truth, beauty, beauty, bea... Continue Reading

Posted by Monte E. Wilson III - 9/15/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

Small Tests
Role Call:

by R.C. Sproul Jr.

I received a gracious email nine days ago. A gentleman had heard me on the radio and was looking for some suggestions on some resources that would help him raise his small children. The Highlands Study Center, much to my chagrin, is not at this time the kind of operation where we have “people” to handle such letters. And so it sat in my in box awaiting the time when other things did not take priority.

I received in my in-box a less gracious email three days ago, from the same gentleman, though this time he was less gentle. It said something like, “Please reply to my previous email.” I read that one the same day I read the third email from this person. That was two days ago. (I had been away from my office and the internet for a few days.) This one said something like, “I don’t appreciate not receiving an answer. Thanks for nothing.”

Now there are few things more effective at diminishing the priority of a response than rudeness. On th... Continue Reading

Posted by Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. - 9/15/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

Hope for America
Role Call:

Ron Paul for President
Vote Ron Paul for President 2008
The views expressed on belong to
They are not intended to be considered the views of all who contribute to
Nevertheless, Ron Paul rocks.

Posted by Jamey W. Bennett - 9/15/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 5 Responses

Trinity XV and XVI Collects and Bishops
Role Call:

by Peter Toon

Common Cause, an affiliation of ten ecclesial groups in the USA & Canada, has in its theological basis a commitment to The BCP 1662 as a Formulary.

Before the meeting of the Bishops from these ten groups in Pittsburgh on September 26-28, 2007 (occurring immediately after TEC House of Bishops Meeting in New Orleans), I suggest that all Episcopalians/Anglicans concerned for Truth in Unity and Unity in Truth in American Anglicanism pray fervently the two Collects in The BCP for Trinity XV (Sept 16) and Trinity XVI (Sept 23).

I shall print them ... Continue Reading

Posted by Rev. Dr. Peter Toon - 9/15/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

Common Prayer as Formulary or Mere Prayer Book?
Role Call:

by Peter Toon

I want to suggest, if not prove, that amongst traditionalist Anglicans, of the kind who support the Prayer Book Societies in Great Britain or in North America, there are two different ways of receiving, using and interpreting any of the basic editions of the one Book of Common Prayer.

(A) One approach is to see The BCP standing alone in its own right as a/the Prayer Book. Here The BCP is said to contain excellent Liturgy and to fulfill the worshipping needs of people both in public and in private and for all occasions in life. Its language is said to be of such a quality that it helps to separate one from the normal things of the world and to be able to concentrate upon praying to God and meditating upon his works and words. In terms of its teaching it is seen as being illustrative and expressive of the basic doctrines of the Apostles and Nicene Creed and thus of being “central” and not supportive of enthusiasm or extremes. ... Continue Reading

Posted by Rev. Dr. Peter Toon - 9/13/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

What I’m Reading Right Now
Role Call:

by Jamey Bennett

George Grant has talked about how avid readers are avid listmakers. Here's a current list that pertains to my reading habits. I'm not sure this is healthy!

Current Rotation

From Symposium to Eucharist by Dennis E. Smith

The Shape of the Liturgy by Dom Gregory Dix

Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy by Eduard Zeller

Deep Comedy by Peter J. Leithart

The Complete Sermons of Martin Luther by, you guessed it, Martin Luther

Blackthorn Winter by Douglas Wilson

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Temporarily Postponed Completion

The Flying Inn by G.K. Chesterton

The End of All Things by C. Jonathin Seraiah (second time through)

Lady Jane Grey by Fait... Continue Reading

Posted by Jamey W. Bennett - 9/12/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 7 Responses

Something’s Brewing: Medieval Brewing Co.
Role Call:

by Kihm Winship

It's safe to assume there was no brewing industry here in Syracuse during the Middle Ages. Why then has the Middle Ages Brewing Company, Ltd., opened its doors on Wilkinson Street and begun turning out hearty, flavorful ales? Has the public expressed a widespread yearning to return to itchy cassocks and rat-on-a-stick at public beheadings? Probably not. Could this boon be a reward for clean living and good karma on the part of our citizenry? Undoubtedly, but there's more.

The Middle Ages Brewing Company seeks to offer Central New York beer drinkers a brew that harkens from a time before sound bites, megabytes and computerized lagers. And for reasons of their own, the owners have chosen to go all the way back to the Middle Ages.

Middle Ages, the First Time
For those who slept comfortably through history, or who have misplaced their notes, the Middle Ages began with a howl in 476 AD when Vandals and Visigoths ran rou... Continue Reading

Posted by Guest - 9/12/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

The Mirror Crack’d
Role Call:

by R.C. Sproul Jr.

It is as true ideologically as it is aesthetically. And that we miss it in both places baffles me. Whether it is your ideas or your image, any attempt to look “now” will, with the speed of light, become a look of “then.” As some wag put it, Thinking we have become men of the moment, we have become instead momentary men.”

While many of us as youths daydreamed of living in a home just like the Bradys', now we’d probably rather have to dress like Johnny Bravo than live in that house. Ayn Rand was once all the rage, but most of us probably hide our copy of The Virtue of Selfishness in that corner of the shelf that the couch covers, right beside our cherished copy of Hoffman’s Steal This Book. Even knowing the names of these books, once a shibboleth for the Schaeffer quoting Christian cultural warrior, is now a sign of being hopelessly behind the times. If you want to connect with today’s youth, better to have People... Continue Reading

Posted by Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. - 9/12/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

Concluding Remarks
Role Call:

by Jamey Bennett

Part 1 -
Not A Snowball's Chance This Will Ever Happen!
Part 2 - Soon, Near, & Hey, I'm Here
Part 3 - The Great Tribulation of the 1st Century
Part 4 - Gaps & Monkeyshine Exegesis
Part 5 - Gag Me With A Magog

So if the tribulation was "soon" and "near" to the first century church, and Daniel's seventy weeks has been fulfilled, and if Ezekiel's prophesied invasion is past, then what are we waiting for? Last time I checked the Scriptures, Jesus gave us a task: to disciple the nations. Pastor Bobby (from ASC) rightly tells us, "'We gotta preach the gospel to everyone we can…while we can…'cause no one knows whether or not he'll even live to see tomorrow'" (274). There is no need for apocalyptic special effects to win conversions when we live in a sin-tainted world full of dyin... Continue Reading

Posted by Jamey W. Bennett - 9/12/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses

2 Hookers for the Price of 1
Role Call:

by Jamey Bennett

Two Hookers -- Richard Hooker, that is. For a limited time, Wittenberg Hall contributor, Dr. Peter Toon, is offering a classic from Richard Hooker at a two for one price. I want to get the word out, because I believe this booklet to be one of the most important booklets published in the Anglican church -- ever. Here is Dr. Toon's email:

The Preservation Press of the Prayer Book Society of the USA is pleased to announce the publication of an important and much quoted/cited Tractate of the famous Anglican divine, Richard Hooker.

Single copies can be ordered on line from from September 15th.

Also it is available from the Office of the Prayer Book Society on a special offer – two for the price of one shipping included – during September. See below for details of how to order.

Richard Hooker (d.1600): Salvation and the Church of Rome (original title “A Learned Discourse on Justification, Works, and how the Foundation of Faith is overthrown”)

Hooker is amongst the most important of Anglican theologians and his fame rests particularly with his book, Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, which is a massive defense of the Church of England and its Reformed Catholic Faith.

He also wrote other things and of these none is more important than his Tractate which deals with these themes: Puritanism, the Church of Rome, the essential basis of the Church of God, and how the doctrine of justification believed, taught and confessed by the Church of England differs from the doctrine of the Church of Rome. This text began its existence as several sermons preached in The Temple Church, London, to barristers, many of whom were Puritans.

Hooker’s literary style is polished but difficult for many people today to appreciate and master, due to the long sentences and complex syntax. Therefore, in this booklet of 64 pages the Discourse has been carefully rendered into modern English in order to make available Hooker’s profound teaching to as many people as possible.

There is a historical and theological introduction before the Text of the Tractate as a further help to the reader.

In the present crisis of Anglicanism there is much to be said for consulting Hooker as to certain basic features of the Anglican Way !

To get the special offer of 2 for 1 price, send a check for $7.50 to The Prayer Book Society, P.O. Box 35220 , Philadelphia , PA. 19128-0220 and state that you want the 2 for 1 Hooker offer. Contact if any problems in ordering.

Posted by Jamey W. Bennett - 9/12/2007 | Link to this post | Print this post | 0 Responses


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